Responding to the Climate and Environmental Crisis

Congleton Limate Action Group:

It is clear that due to humanities excessive use of fossil fuels and the continued degradation of the natural environment we and future generations face an unprecedented climate and environmental crisis. However if we all do what we can to reduce what we do and develop more sustainable ways of living the west effects of Climate Change can be averted and the decline in species and loss of natural habitats can be halted and reversed.

Congleton URC believes that God gave us the responsibility to care for his ever evolving Creation and is committed to do what it can to positive action to help.

We are forming our own church environmental group to explore what action individual church members and we as a church can take. Recommendations will come to church meeting as appropriate.

Rev. Murray and several other members have joined the Congleton Climate action group and many of the groups meetings take place at the church. The meetings are also live streamed on Zoom and via Facebook. People outside the room are able to comment and ask questions via the comments and chat buttons.

What is Congleton Climate Action group?
Climate Action groups run their own local campaigns to convince their councils to turn political promises into concrete action by adopting Climate Action Plans.
And, as more and more communities and councils take climate action across the UK, pressure will mount on the national government to do the same.
The Congleton Climate Action group works on various issues but its first major aim os to work with local people, councils and businesses to stop the use of Glyphosate across Congleton.