The Minister

05f4b7991be6c86b9437872f4a943869The Revd. Murray George has been a minister of the United Reformed Church since September 2006. He became our minister in October 2012, moving from Essex where he served in three rural churches.
Before becoming a minister Murray was a Registered Nurse for nearly twenty years, working with people with learning difficulties in Leeds. Prior to this he worked in agriculture and the building industry.

Murray is minister of the United Reformed Churches in both Congleton and Alsager and shares his time between the two churches and the communities they serve.

Murray lives in Congleton and can be contacted by telephone 01260 273873 or email: He can occasionally be seen walking in the town or popping into one of the local shops and is happy to stop for a chat. He is also happy to visit people in their homes or in hospital in times of illness and pastoral need, whether they have a connection with the church or not.

Baptisms, weddings and funerals can be arranged by contacting:

The Minister

Rev. Murray George
Tel. 01260 273873      Email


The Church Secretary

Mrs Barbara Farrington                                  
Tel. 01260 273901                                                                                                            

The Social Ministries Secretary

Mrs Margaret Bourner
o1260 641 869

The Worship Secretary

Mrs Carol Booth
01260 272580

The Fellowship and Pastoral Secretary

Mrs Marion McGuinness
Tel:01260 281384

The Property and Finance Secretary

Mr Bob Booth
Tel: 01260 273772

General enquiries may also be made to the Minister or the Church Secretary using the contact form below.

The Church Treasurer

Mr Adrian Browne                             Tel. 01260 270628

The Church Eldership

Mr Bob Booth                                Tel. 01260 273772

Mrs Carol Booth                           Tel. 01260 272580

Mr. Adrian Browne                     Tel. 01260 270628

Mrs Margaret Bourner              Tel. 01260 641869

Mrs Barbara Farrington            Tel. 01260 273901

Rev. Murray George                    Tel. 01260 273873

Mrs Marion McGuinness          Tel. 01260 281314

Mrs Pauline McKeown               Tel. 01260 275947

Mrs Ann Thornber                      Tel: 01260 297860

Mrs Lisa Spencer                         Tel: 01260 275171

Contacts for Groups and Organisations

Rainbows and Brownies          Pauline McKeown

Café in the Foyer                         Jean Cook

Keep Fit in the Hall                    Pauline McKeown

Chat and Make in the Foyer    Lisa Spencer

Bible Study in the Foyer           Carol Booth

Prayer Meeting                            Rev. Murray George

British Sign Language group Rev. Murray George

Thursday Study Group              Bob Booth

General Enquiry Form

For Christenings, Weddings or any other general enquiries please complete and send the form below.

In addition we have a church hall with a well equipped kitchen and a number of other meeting rooms that are available for the use of community groups and events. If you would like to enquire about using any of these facilities for an event or meeting, you can use the same form to contact the Church Secretary or the Minister. We will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.